Welcome to Fron Fighter,

Dog Training School and 

 German and Belgian Shepherds kennel.


I offer wide range of services:
  • basic obedience classes
  • decoy and scent-tracking training
  • agility
  • behavior modification
  • guard dog training (businesses)
  • pre-purchase or pre-adoption counseling




Decoy Training:

Mon: KK Ostrava - Kunčice

Tue: Řepiště

Thur: ZKO Suchdol n. Odrou

Fri: ZKO Horní Suchá

Sat & Sun: by appointment


Individual Obedience Classes:

Mon - Sun: by appointment

Group Obedience Classes in Řepiště:

Tue: 5.30 pm 
Sun: 5.30 pm & 6.00 pm

Group Obedience Classes in Vělopolí:



Wed: 7.00 pm
Sat: 5.00 pm
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